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A Review Of The Top 5 Best Baby Einstein Walker

One of the things that a parent looks forward to in his/her growing toddler is the day the kid will hold onto some support and try to stand by themselves.

Seeing your toddler stand on their own for the first time and take that first step brings untold joy. Then you start holding the infant’s hands more often and walking him around.

It’s all fun and inspiring, till you begin getting tired, your back can’t allow you to be bent for long, and besides you have some other stuff to do.

The kid who has been crawling now wants to walk, and you’re excited about this.

But you are tired. That’s where a walker comes in. Baby walkers are popular for children aged between 9 and 15 months.

What is a baby walker?

This is a device that has been specifically made to aid crawling infants walk on their own. It not only gives their legs muscle and develop but it’s also fun.

There are two main types of activity walkers; seated and sit-to-stand walkers.

While seated activity walkers have so much comfort for the kid, sit-to-stand toddler walkers are considered the most benefiting to an infant who is transitioning from crawling to walking.

Despite all the comfort and benefits, baby walkers are still considered a danger to kids, and in some European countries they have been blamed for many infant injuries than anything else, with Canada banning them in 2004.

Once babies are a little more than 9 months, babies are interested in moving around and they employ all manner of trials to make it to a given toy-station. They roll, stretch, scoot and crawl, and then they will be delighted to reach things high above them.

The Best Baby Einstein Walkers

One of the most sought after brands in activity walkers is the Baby Einstein walker. This is a brand that was started more than two decades ago by a mother who had so much love for arts and humanities, and she wanted to share the same with her toddler. Since then, Baby Einstein has grown to be a formidable brand renowned for great infant toys and gears.

These Baby Einstein toys and gears are manufactured from the infant’s point of view. They incorporate a unique combination of music, art, real-world objects, animals, and nature to provide your kid with not only fun, but also introduce them to the vast, beautiful world that surrounds them to enrich their mind.

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Discovery Walker

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Discovery Walker

As the saying goes, great minds start a little. Caterpillar and Friends Discovery Walker is a super-smart baby walker with wheels that will entertain your kid while he is learning to walk.

The walker comes with a toy station that has classical melodies in three different languages, a squeaker toy, and a caterpillar bead chaser. The toy station is removable and can become a fun toy for your little one on the floor leaving a snacking space/tray where you can put snacks for your little one.

It is a sturdy walker that grows with the kid, with a unique elliptical frame that your little one will surely enjoy. In addition to the squeaker toy, there are also two link loops where you can add your kid’s desired toys.

You do not have to worry about the melodies being so loud as this activity walker comes with volume control to adjust the volume to your preferred noise level. The sounds and lights are activated using some numbered piano keys.

Your growing infant will be comfortable as the seatback is high enough to provide them with additional support and ultimate comfort. For even more comfort, the seat is padded and is machine-washable.

It is important to note that this activity walker’s height can be adjusted to three positions and despite it being made of plastic, it is quite strong and durable. The plastic material used in the manufacture of Caterpillar and friends discovery walker is easy to clean.

The front wheels swivel in all directions while the hind wheels are stationary to move forward or backward, something that makes it easy to negotiate corners. It comes with bright colors which will catch the attention of your little one and trust me, they are likely to love this product.

Caterpillar Friends and Discovery Baby Walker is 17.80 inches high, 6.30 inches wide and 23.50 inches long. The maximum recommended weight for this is 26 lbs and should be used by kids between the ages of 6 and 12 months. It weighs 12.5 lbs (5.7 Kgs). It, however, requires 3 AA batteries to function which unfortunately it doesn’t come with.


  • It is made of sturdy long-lasting plastic.
  • It grows with the baby, with a toy station that can be removed
  • It comes with melodies in 3 languages
  • It has loops for additional toys
  • It is beautiful to the eye, those colors will excite your young one
  • It has a volume control to help you adjust the sound volumes
  • The height is 3-position adjustable
  • The seat is padded for your child’s comfort
  • The plastic walker is easy to clean, with the seat being machine-washable


  • The steering wheel is a bit stiff and unsafe
  • It doesn’t come with batteries

Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker

Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker

This baby walker with wheels provides your little one with much fun, enjoyment,and comfort. As you can judge by its name, it is designed for future scientists (Einstein’s).

How does it do this? The walker not only helps your little one learn how to walk, but also has different fun activities to enable him, learn about seas, oceans and the earth in general. Imagine classical melodies, ocean sounds, lights and some of your infant’s favorite toys! Activating the lights and sounds is just by spinning the steering wheel.

You can detach the toy station and have your toddler play with it even when not on the walker. The backseat is high enough to safely hold your kid, regardless of the height.

It has an elliptic-shaped frame, with a beautiful steering wheel in front that is decorated with light functions and some sounds. The corners of the walker have two loops which add more toys.

The walker’s feet have rubber brakes that stop it on its tracks if it is too close to any uneven surfaces, like stairs. You do not have to worry about your child’s height as this activity walker’s height is adjustable.

What about the weight? Baby Einstein Baby Neptune walker weighs 12.2 pounds while it measures 23.5 x 6.8 x 18.2 inches. It also comes with two AA batteries.


  • Its design. It is eye catchy to the kid.
  • It is unisex
  • It is sturdy, strong and lasts long
  • Its add-ons, the ocean-sounds and toys keep your little one entertained
  • The toy station is detachable, your child can play with it off the walker
  • The walker’s feet has rubber brakes to stop it on its tracks if it’s approaching a rough surface.
  • This activity walker’s height is adjustable
  • It comes with two AA batteries
  • The removable toys station makes it easy to clean


  • It does not easily move on the carpet

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker

This is the perfect activity walker to encourage your kid’s first steps as it entertains him at the same time. It is a baby push along walker with spinner balls that make some sounds as they are pushed along.

The activities that come with it include the spinner ball that has lights, a pretty caterpillar squeaker, a removable music play station with instruments in English, Spanish and French, and a drum that has rattle beads with attached spinning rings.

These introduce the toddler to music. That the music station is removable means you can remove it to be used for playing on the floor. There is a high seatback that will support the kid and ensure his comfort.

Keeping this baby Einstein symphony walker clean is not difficult either, you can wipe down the plastic parts and metal frame and have the removable seat machine washed.

For more safety, this activity walker has a strong elliptical frame and is enhanced with rubber feet which brake. You don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing this kiddie walker as it can be adjusted to three different heights.

It is quite a small activity walker, measuring 17.80’ x 6.50’ x 23.50’ and weighing only 5 Kgs. This is a walker that supports kids from 6 months to twelve months, with a maximum weight limit of 26 pounds.


  • It is machine washable
  • It grows with the toddler
  • This is a great activity walker for the on-the-go
  • It encourage your child’s gross motor skills
  • The baby Einstein toys that come with it have numerous enriching content
  • Its safety is enhanced
  • Your little one will experience multiple languages thanks to the music
  • Quite small and light
  • This is a unisex activity walker


  • This activity walker doesn’t have wheels
  • It requires three AA batteries but comes with none.

Baby Einstein Sea and Explorer Walker

Baby Einstein Sea and Explorer Walker

This best-selling activity walker provides your toddler with a sturdy support as he tries to make his first steps after months of crawling. It has an elliptical durable frame which will make sure that the toddler walker is sturdy enough and safe.

Besides, there is a hoard of baby Einstein toys in the toy station that fill any kid’s activities with fun. This baby walker with wheels has loops for more favorite toys and has lights and oceans sounds that are activated by the steering wheel.

Removing the toy station leaves room for an inbuilt tray that allows your little one to play with more toys. To enhance comfort and safety there is a high seatback which is easily wiped too.

The most economical character of this baby push along walker is that it grows with you’re the infant since it has adjustable height.

If you’re concerned about the sounds, there is a volume control that allows you to set the sound volume where you would like it to be. If you intend to add some more toys there is a toy bar.

You can easily set this activity walker up, easily clean it and maintain. It measures 18.00’ x 6.00’ x 24.00’ and weighs 12.00 lbs.

You need three AA batteries to operate this activity walker and the only concern is that it does not come with the batteries, you have to buy. Maximum weight is 26 lbs, or babies between the ages of 6 months and one year.


  • It encourages your little one’s motor skills
  • Tactile
  • It grows with your infant
  • This is both a baby boy walker and a baby girl walker.
  • You can multi-use it
  • It is machine-washable
  • Comes with plenty of baby Einstein toys


  • It needs batteries to operate
  • Some customers complained about its assembly, calling it challenging

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

You want your kid to explore the ocean floor? This is the go-to baby activity walker. Its frame is sturdy and uniquely designed, just like the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker. In fact, this is an improvement of the initial walker. This toddler walker comes with seven classical melodies in the Take Along Tunes that are for sure infant-friendly. These are there to entertain him as well as support his music appreciation. This is a baby version of your MP3 where he gets to enjoy classical masterpieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Rossini and Chopin. There is a large button that will be easy for your toddler to press as he joyfully toggles through the seven different melodies. Giving him a chance to listen to music, and some freedom to choose his own music is great for his psychological development. Besides, it has a combination of colorful lights that dance with each melody across the screen to help your kid visually connect the sound patterns visually. There are volume controls to enable you decide on how loud or soft your want your kid’s music to be. This Take Along Tunes is easy to hold by its caterpillar handle.


  • It is sturdy and helpful to a kid learning how to walk
  • The baby Einstein toy station is removable, creating more room and allowing fun on-the-go
  • It comes with a Take Along Tunes
  • Your child develops his auditory system thanks to the seven classical melodies with the Take Along Tunes
  • The Take Along Tunes is easy to hold and walk with it, thanks to the easy-to-grasp caterpillar handle.
  • There is a volume switch, which enables you to increase/reduce the music volume as well as switch it off.


  • This gear’s baby walker price is a bit higher compared to the rest.

 What are the safety measures to take?

It’s been argued that an infant who uses a walker will likely skip the crawling stages. This, apparently, might delay their mental development for a few months after learning to walk.

But what has raised eyebrows among many parents is the physical impact of activity walkers on their babies. Babies might fall off stairs when moving in their activity walkers, or move close to hot objects, and we all know their movement is faster than a parent’s reaction.

However, the benefits of child walkers outweigh these dangers. Here are some safety measures to take that will ensure your baby is safe while using the baby einstein walker.

  • Check the walker’s safety standard before buying. Some walkers are just an assembly of cheap plastics that wear out easily or break at the minimum mishandling, while some easily topple. It is prudent to check a walker’s safety to avoid injuries.
  • Do not leave your little one on that walker for too long. Babies should spend a maximum of 20 minutes on the walker and spend the rest of the time trying to walk all by themselves. Trying out by themselves speeds up the process.
  • Baby-proof the room. Ensure your little one is using the baby walker in a room that is proofed. Cushion the sharp corners and ensure all the sharp objects and other equally harmful ones are out of reach even when he’s standing in the walker.
  • Limit them to one room, and not outside. If your child pushes the walker outside the room, he’s likely to reach to the stairs and you don’t want to experience the pain of a mother whose child rolls down. Close the doors and have him go around in room with no stairs or even anything on the cooker.
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BABY UNATTENDED. It’s easy and safer to foresee a tragedy and rush to avert it than hear the wails and run. Your reactions can’t match the speed of a baby walker once your kid has known how to push and is out of sight.

Considerations before buying a baby walker

A baby in a walker

There are so many infant walkers on the market. The wide variety makes it so hard for a parent looking for a small baby walker.  We wrote this baby walker review with you in mind. To make the buying process a lot easier for you. Here are some consideration factors so that you don’t end up with something that will hurt your baby or frustarte you.

Safety features

This always comes top when buying any gear to be used by kids. Your little one will most probably try reaching things he’d not reached before to quench his curiosity, and you need to protect him. You should buy a walker that has brakes and proper speed settings

Learning and amusement features

These are features meant to make the kid learn and be entertained. They are mostly musical, colorful, and inbuilt toys. Some come with letters and numbers.



Like we said above, among activity walkers you will also find easily destructible assembled plastic. If your child is destructive, especially boys, then you will have to be extra careful in the choices you make. Buy a strong baby boy walker, something that is going to last.

  1. How comfortable will your kid be once in there? A good walker should have a padded seat since your child is going to spend a whole twenty minutes a day on it.
  2. In most cases, walkers are rendered useless once the toddler transitions and knows how to walk. However, that should not be the case. Go for a toddler walker that can be converted to something else once the kid grows, something like a chair, high or regular. Besides, look for walker for your kid that has height adjustment features where you can stretch it to fit your child’s changing height.
  3. Baby walker price. Always look at the cost of the toddler, and look for something that fits your little one around that budget.
  4. What are other clients saying about that activity walker? It’s important to know this as it guides you on what experience you should brace yourself for if you chose a given walker for your infant. Marketers tell you what you need to hear to buy, customers tell you what they have experienced. You know who to trust of the two.
  5. Recommended users. Some walkers have limitations. Check the recommended ages for the item you intend to buy, the maximum weight limit and the sexes. We have baby girl walkers and baby boy walkers. It is best to go for a unisex one.

Baby on walker


When buying an activity walker, go for what fits your specifications. What worked for parent A might not work for you since your kids have different preferences, as well as different environments.

However, if you want the best for your kid, fun, entertainment and development at the same time, then go for any of the above Baby Einstein walkers. You will surely love the experience.

It is also important to note that walkers are not meant to rear your child for you, so after buying your little infant the activity walker you’ve always wanted for your little one, remember to take the safety precautions highlighted before the reviews.

We hope the above information will help you be informed, make the right choice when buying a walker and above all, help in your child’s growth as he/she moves from crawling to walking. Having the above information is very important.

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